• A six-session course. Each session lasts one hour and a half and combines top-rope and boulder.

    – Introduction to bouldering and top-rope. Body-language and balance will be practised.

    – Different types of knot learning.

    – Balance and movement technique, acquiring consciousness of gravity centre.

    – Learning about climbing materials.

    – Climbing movement techniques learning.

    – The student will be taught to be autonomous in boulder practice and top-rope climbing indoor and outdoor

    – Explanation of the different types of balance and gravity centre positioning and movement.

    – The student will be able to learn about grips, feet and balance practice on different levels.

    – Arm positioning, dynamic and static movements.

    – Explanation and exhibition of new technical materials and security.

    – Body-language content

    – Advanced belay technique

    – Advanced ascent technique 

    – The student will learn to self-train

    Pricing: 99 € (material included)


  • Climbat 1 is the perfect course to enter the world of climbing, testing their different modalities and learning the basic principles of this sport. In three one-and-a-half-hour sessions you will take a Boulder and Top-Rope Mixed course that targets people from the age of 16 who have never climbed or have ever done so temporary.

    Classes include bouldering practice (climbing with no rope, at a maximum height of 4 metres with a Security mattress) and top-roping. During these days, you will be able to learn about the different types of knots and material, as well as the various techniques of movement and ascension.

    Pricing: 59 €


  • Climbat 2 is a course addressed to people who have already taken the course Climbat 1 or who have already climbed temporary and now want practice bouldering and top-roping by themselves. The requirements to take this course is to be no less than 16 years old and have an average climbing level.

    During 3 one-and-a-half-hour sessions, students will learn to be self-sufficient in both gyms and rock. In addition, they work on content such as gesture, material, safety. Finally, the student will also acquire notions of self-training to follow their climbing path autonomously.

    Pricing: 59 €

    Climbat 1 Course + Climbat 2 Course: 99 €


  • Learn more about bouldering and top-roping. You will know the technical material, the techniques of assurance and the sport itself. Addressed to people who have their first contact to climbing through Climbat. During three sessions of an hour and a half, they will begin to know all the secrets of this exciting sport.

    Pricing: 59 €

    Climbat 2 Course + Climbat 3 Course: 99 €

    Climbat 1 Course + Climbat 2 Course + Climbat 3 Course: 145 €


  • These classes are addressed to any type of person, climber or not and its duration will be chosen by the client. It includes all the material and an instructor just for yourself who will work on those aspects that interest you the most. Available from beginner’s level to most experienced climbers.


    1h: 35,90 €

    3 Classes Pack: 87,00 €

    5 Classes Pack: 142,00 €

    Up to 50% discount for group private classes


  • One of the star activities of modern climbing is bouldering. A modality with more and more adepts that allows the individual practice of this sport.

    During this one-day workshop there will be a presentation based on rules, safety elements and basic materials and an explanation of the classic mistakes of the beginner. You will practice bouldering, its technique and correct basic training.

    Pricing: 35,90 €


  • This is the perfect course to lose all your fears to falls and give you the technical security to make you feel comfortable. Falling Technique Workshop will allow you to stop real falls, falls without consequences and practice the exercises that will prevent injuries and cervical discomfort.

    The workshop consists of two sessions of an hour and a half and can be taken by those people from the age of 16 who are semi-initiated in top-roping.

    Thanks to Falling Technique Workshop you will dominate the dynamism of the fall in short phases, you will familiarize yourself with the material, you will know basic psychological concepts and you will learn to retain falls in dynamic mode.

    Pricing: 35,90 €


  • Hiking or climbing? Via ferratas have it all! That is why they are so fashionable all over the world, it is the activity that everyone wants to do since it is a perfect combination of contact with nature, adventure and safety.

    This is a workshop designed so that the student can move safely and autonomously in via ferratas. It is addressed to people who have had a previous experience in hiking and mountain. The workshop consists of a complete theoretical-practical.


    – One person only: 199 €

    – 2 People Group: 99 € / person

    – 3 People Group: 75 €

    – 4 People or more: 59 € / person

    – Material included

    – Transport and accommodation are not included


  • If you want to start climbing outdoors directly, this is the ideal workshop to learn safety techniques.

    During a long day in the mountains, and accompanied by the best technicians and guides, we will give you an intense class to have basic knowledge about: safety, environment, material, knots, etc. on Top Rope to start little by little.


    – One person only: € 199

    – Group of 2 people: 99 € / person

    – Group of 3 people: 75 € / people

    – Group of 4 or more people: 59 € / person

    – Material included



  • Enjoy group climbing, a fun workout! Climb Project is one of the historical activities of Climbat, a group training that has helped many climbers to start taking a bit more seriously the world of climbing while having fun and meeting new people … Climb Project combines fun and learning in one session!

    These are dynamic sessions with guys and girls like you. Perfect to learn technique and strategy with your teammates, and prepare you to boulder and top-rope.


    – 35 €/month (1 day/week)

    – 45 €/month (2 days/week) 

    Climbat members: 25 €/month (2 days/week)


    Tuesday and Thursday: 14.30h to 16.00h

    Monday to Thursday: 19h to 20.30h and 21h to 22.30h


  • Training group whose main goal is to reinforce and increase the knowledge acquired during Climb 1+2 course, to get into Climb Project. Il will also help you to improve climbing specific skills and physical condition as well as progressing in sport climbing. It consists on group sessions (8 to 10 people); a dynamic way to introduce yourself into the world of climbing.

    The main goals are:

    – Improving climbing technique and work on our physical condition.

    – Improving the use of different security tools.

    – Consolidate the skills for tope-rope

    – Learn, improve and consolidate the skills for lead climbing.

    Hours: Monday and Wednesday from 20.00h to 21.00h

    Pricing: Membership: 25€ | Regular: 50€*

    *Hours for regular pricing will be from 19.45h to 21.45h


  • Climbing training program for beginners to advanced climbers (from 6b). We’ll try to set your improvement goals into the desired schedule. Strength, endurance and power exercises as well as compensatory and preventive job will be done during this program.

    The training is designed by using a data systematization tool by Pau Sanmartí (High Performance Sport PhD), to optimize training’s planning. Experience, knowledge and innovation by the well-known climber Edu Marín, will provide the wisdom of many years climbing where overcoming challenges has been the key of success.

    Digitalized trainings favour constant feedback. Thanks to monitoring by using computer tools, it will be possible to adapt trainings easier and faster.

    Training pack contains:

    · An initial test, where you’ll be asked several questions such as personal information, previous sportive practice, climbing record or taking anthropometric measurements to programme a level and goal well-adapted schedule.

    · A physical monthly test to programme sessions and having a statistical control of progression.

    · A pdf includingmonthly exercise schedule, where we’ll be able to see our improvements and goals.

    · A pdf including weekly session trainings, where we’ll find the series, repetitions and intensity. It will be handed each Monday, to be able to do weekly modifications.

    · A shared excel document from Dropbox platform, containing all exercises done and responses to exercise. We’ll be able to have a daily tracing and do modification if necessary.


    45 €/month (only for Climbat members)