Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that consists in climbing boulders or short walls (maximum 8 meters) without the need of the conventional materials (rope, harness, etc.)

Boulder presents problems to be solved, both in ascension and in crossing (horizontal). In this type of climbing, extreme difficulty is present in short courses.

Top-rope climbing

Top-roping is the most common style in climbing. A climber attaches themself to one end of a rope, which then passes up through an anchor at the top of the wall, and then down to a partner who belays the climber. As the climber ascends the wall, the belayer pulls in the slack rope, such that if a climber were to let go, they would be held in place on the wall.

It is certainly the most spectacular form of this sport since it reaches higher altitudes than those practiced in bouldering.


Climbing Classes

Climbat offers bouldering and rope climbing classes for climbers of all skill levels; from baptism to advanced programs for the most experienced.

Climbat Birthday Parties

Climbat is also a place to celebrate children’s birthday parties involving the world of climbing and adventure. A different party for a unique place.

Rock Climbing Experiences

Climbat associates can also participate in outdoor rock climbing experiences to enjoy nature.

Afterschool youth programs

Climbat is the perfect place for little beginners. They will be able to discover a different sport and increase their fondness.

Climbing Camps

Climbat organizes urban camps during non-scholar periods where children will live a different kind of holiday.

Non-professional opens

Seeking to promote loyalty among its community, Climbat organizes the ‘Climbing Party’, a meeting point for climbers to increase their ‘tribal’ feeling.


Climbat organizing FEDME competitions

Climbat is the organizer of the climbing competitions of the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports (FEDME). From ABEO Group the collaboration has been extended to the IFSC (International Climbing Federation) with which they have organized several World Championships and World Cup events.

Climbat and Entre-Prises through the ABEO Group has been the organizer of these national competitions for almost a decade.

Competition as an element of differentiation

The presence of a Climbat gym allows to associate its brand with our past in the world of the competition.

The organization of a national or an international competition is an element of incalculable value that allows to place the welcoming centre in the point of sight of all climbers; but also, acts, for its spectacular nature, as a way for having the visit of audiences not linked to this sport.

Climbing became Olympic sport in 2016 and for that reason in the following years an increase in the liking for this sport practice is expected.