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CLIMBAT is the leading climbing franchise in Spain

More than 10 years’ expertise, the organization of World and Spanish Climbing Championships and a

growth of 25% of turnover in 2016 endorse CLIMBAT.

The CLIMBAT franchisee benefits directly from the strong cash flows and impressive profitability of the business.

The Climbat Management System, unique in Spain, under the umbrella of Entre-Prises and ABEO Group present in 60 countries, a team of professionals who continuously help the franchisee makes it the best climbing business in Spain.

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CLIMBAT is a franchise by ABEO Group.

CLIMBAT: The extreme break

We live in a society where everything happens instantly, an overestimulated society by a great number of impacts, where technogies are faster than ever and CLIMBAT becomes the extreme break.

– The place to enjoy the most genuine: the exercise of body and mind.
–  The moment of calm inside the storm.
– An instant just for yourself.
– There are too many impacts, advices, methods.
– There is too much technology.

Find your own limits. CLIMBAT is a different way of understanding life.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

You don’t need to have special knowledges to open a CLIMBAT franchise

No need to be an expert in business management

No need to be a climber.

At CLIMBAT we provide all the training, advice and continuous support to have a successful CLIMBAT gym. We help you in the organization and training of your staff and daily management, with intensive support from the first day. We supply our franchise owners with all the tools, resources, marketing, and several other services of continuous improvement in management, customer service quality, sales and results.

A complete team at your disposal.

CLIMBAT means proven success and a team of professionals is at the service of franchise owners.

Having a CLIMBAT center is like having your own climbing gym with the help of a great team of experts at your service: specialists in climbing, management, marketing, IT, administration, events, sports centers management, business analysis, etc.

A multidisciplinary team of professionals are at the service of the franchisees, from the same day you decide to join CLIMBAT. Working together is the key of success to achieve great results, with a vocation for continuous improvement to lead the Indoor climbing business in the area.

CLIMBAT. Benefits

Being part of CLIMBAT means to take advantage of the benefit of belonging to a great Group. As a CLIMBAT franchisee you’ll be able to access to:

  • A proven business and high profitability.
  • A unique climbing wall design for each CLIMBAT center.
  • Our expertise in the market and a know-how of more than 10 years.
  • Tested operational model by CLIMBAT, detailed manuals, training and help to start the business.
  • Help in the search of the premises.
  • Project of installation, licenses, reform of the premises, etc. If desired, ‘turnkey’.
  • The best and safest climbing walls on the market.
  • Powerful launch campaign to have customers from the first day.
  • Climbat Evolutionary Route-setting System.
  • Exclusive management software.
  • An wide range of services for partners and customers, covering up to 8 different customer profiles and 7 business lines.
  • Initial and continuous training to all the staff of the center.
  • Specific website for each CLIMBAT center.
  • Community management service for each CLIMBAT center, active on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.
  • Personalized Marketing Plan for each center, with continuous actions, promotions and events.
  • Proven and effective commercial tools and new materials adapted to the center’s need.
  • Continuous improvement programs:a)Program of sales increase customized for each center
    b)Program of improvement of the center’s management model, with evaluation and real solutions.
    c)Program of continuous innovation of different lines of business, climbing services, sales techniques, management processes and playful proposals for external clients.
  • Systematic organization of unique and profitable events.
  • Restaurant business model with high rotation and low costs.
  • Continued support throughout the franchise activity.

Guarantee of Quality and Safety

CLIMBAT climbing walls are built and installed by ENTRE-PRISES, the best climbing wall construction company in the world.

With more than 30 years of expertise, Entre-Prises and Top30 (subsidiary company), have built more than 6,000 climbing gyms around the world; including those made for IFSC World Climbing Championships and many others of great beauty and spectacularity.

Climbing walls are built using the best quality materials and production techniques and are regulated by the strictest quality controls, based on strict compliance with the EN12572 and ISO9001 Regulations.

Through its various agreements with the IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing) and FEDME (Federación Española de Deportes de Montaña y Escalada), Entre-Prises plays an active role in developing and promoting competition climbing the world over.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]


CLIMBAT belongs to French Group ABEO, one of the global leaders in the sports and leisure equipment sector present in 9 countries and gathering more than 1.000 employees. On October 2016, ABEO goes public and raises €22.2 million to bolster its international development strategy.

All CLIMBAT franchises take advantage of this position in the market to be at the forefront of innovation, the latest trends in Indoor climbing and many others thanks to the group’s excellent relationships.

This position allows CLIMBAT to be represented in many events by brand sponsored athletes such as the well-known climber EDU MARÍN.

CLIMBAT. FOUR business in ONE

CLIMBAT differs from its competitors by being the reference climbing gym. CLIMBAT centers are equipped with different areas for  advanced climbers, experts, middle level, beginners, children, etc.

Lead climbing activity, the great amount of climbing routes and TRUBLUE© auto belay devices that allow the climbers to practise this sport by theirselves are characteristics highly appreciated by the users.

Bouldering areas for all levels are also part of Climbat centers.Fresh products and homemade Mediterranean meals are offered at our restaurant area.

High rotation and low cost operating model generates an additional flow of income and exceptional service to customers.

The menu is continuously updated under the supervision of French Chef Simón Carlier, the participant at 2012 Masterchef edition who was awarded in 2013 by Gault&Milau‘ “Jeunes talents Grand Sud-Ouest”.CLIMBAT is the reference climbing gym which counts with a climbing equipment and accessories shop.

From the best brands and for every climber, CLIMBAT provides different equipment: climbing shoes, harness, carabiners, GriGri®, magnesium bags and magnesium, sunglasses, ropes, ribbons, mountain guides, etc. Dedicated rooms to celebrate birthday parties, private events, team building activities, etc.

Our gastronomic and sport offer is ideal for group development to enhance professional skills and all kinds of specific events.


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