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Climbat is a benchmark in the world of climbing as an operator of climbing gyms for audiences of all levels. From initiation in sports climbing, to training and improvement for climbers of the highest level.

Climbat is part of Groupe ABEO and accumulates the experience of a world leader in the manufacture of climbing walls such as Entre-Prises. Its fully numerical production system guarantees the best finish of its climbing walls.

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We live in an instant society today. A society that tweets and chats. A hyperconnected society. Always looking to gain time, go faster, be the first. This is the goal of every day … seeking to go even faster and faster.

Far from improving the quality of life, individuals perceive this permanent acceleration as a source of stress and discomfort.

Therefore they look for solutions to relax, take distance and refocus. In this “hyper-instant” society of the “hyper-velocity”, indoor climbing in the center of the cities represents the way to make a SLOW activity in a SPEED world.

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Climbat has developed in the last years a very important work to promote the sport of climbing, a practice in social growth, and to which the sum of “addicts” grows exponentially.

Its climbing gyms have been an ideal place for beginning and a source of hundreds of avid clients who liked to practice an unusual sport, not as common as mass sports such as soccer or running.


A benchmark in the world of climbing

More than a climbing wall

Climbat offers a wide range of possibilities for climbing lovers or people interested in climbing, ranging from bouldering or top-roping; to classes adapted to all levels, children’s birthday parties, non-professional opens, afterschool youth programs, among others.

Climbat also collaborates in the organization of the national climbing competitions with the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports and has been organizer of several international competitions with the IFSC.

New products

Because Climbat is climbing, but not just climbing; we reinvent ourselves every day and work on new products and market segments that help us having a wider and more attractive offer to our users.


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